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This blog is about Starsway, a solitary walk from Aachen (Germany) to Santiago de Compostella / Finisterre (Spain), that took place between May 1st and July 7th 2014.

It was inspired by the legend of Charlemagne´s dream, where Saint James asked the emperor to lead his army to the end of the medieval terrestrial World (actual Finisterre), by following the stars of the Milky Way.

The approimately 3.000 km trajectory was completed in 68 days, including 3 day stops in Paris, Bordeaux and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Average walking times were gradually increased from 25 to above 50 km / day.

Starsway made a difference to my live, I will never forget it.

Ultreia e Suseia!


  1. Thank You for sharing!
    I never doubted You’d make it to the shore, but most probably that was a quite superficial view.
    When I read Your lines and maybe the crumbs I think to understand between them, the walking itself and maybe even not the sheer distance to cover wouldn’t be the greatest task of the journey. I think the greatest obstacle and challenging thing is found in oneself. To see how one acts and reacts along the way, both to oneself and every single fellow met on the way.
    Even not going the starway myself, reading Your lines and seeing the photos does make me quiet and think. About me. About You. About family. About friends. About people I know, people I meet but don’t know, and, finally, about God.
    Thanks again for sharing.

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