The Starsway


La Voje Ladee, as Starsway is remembered here in Galicia, is sun and rain, happyness and sorrow, dust and mud, hope and disappointment.

It embraces the energy of millions of warriors and pilgrims who fought and prayed, lived and died on this way for many thousands of years.

So, what is it that drives you to face this challenge, to withstand the most difficult moments, of thirst and hunger, cold and exhaustion, lonelyness and despair, that makes you continue and not to break?

It is not the beautiful belfry of Sint Truiden, the magnificent example of Roman churches in Aulnay, the majestic gothic cathedral in Burgos, or all the other outstanding world heritage sites.

Nor the green mountains of the Pyrenees, the endless yellow tablelands of Castilla – Leon or the dark blue waters of the wild Galician coast.

Neither the excellent wines of Bordeaux and La Rioja, the countless stork families and beautiful corn flowers, the many people you met on your way, even if it was just for a second and who wished you luck.

And it is also not the light of Sirius and the Milky Way, in the night sky.

This all is very beautiful and inspiring but passes away.

It is something deep inside of you, something you can feel but not describe or explain. It is the singularity of your existance, so different from person to person, as every day of this journey is.

The reason that you are sad when others laugh, strong where others are weak and loved by some, while others walk away.

It is the essence of your live and your personality.

The Starsway from Aachen to the end of the World, according to Celtic belief, is above all a way to yourself.

Frank Segieth

July 8th 2014, Cape Finisterre, Costa da Morte / Galicia (Spain)

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