Day 9, 20:58 – Estinnes

estinnesMay 9: Seneffe – Vieux Reng

Accomodation in Belgium was really a nightmare. Even in Binche, a relatively large city which I reached about 5:30 pm, there was just one B+B which was full and the only Hotel shut down some time ago. So I decided to continue to the French border.

At about 09:00 pm, in the Belgim – French  borderland, close to a village called Estinnes, I suddenly heard drums in the distance which came from 3 young guys who were drumming in the middle of nowhere. Of course they were curious about me, didn´t speak a word other than French but new that Santiago was in Spain. Even though it took them some time to understand that I intended to walk there, I guess that didn´t make any sense to them (and who is going to blame them?)

It took me some time to take photos with each one and each camera of them but I was more than happy about it, at least I had some social contact. I continued to walk into the night until I reached the French border, in Vieux Reng, at 11:30 pm. I found a church at about midnight, where I put my sleeping back in the surrounding garden. As it was Friday night, there were still some younger guys hanging around and drinking, so I only fell asleep at about 02:30. I woke up at 05:00 because it started to rain.

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