Day 42, 17:59 – Gourbera

gourberaJune 11: Onesse Laharie – Dax

So, as the French part is coming to an end, I would like to comment on the French people; they are really nice! I mean they only speak French and they don’t know that there are other cars available on the market than French ones but they are funny, friendly and helpful.

I won’t forget a guy before Paris who gave me his water because there was no store nearby, a young lady in Tours who asked me to come into her shoe store because she saw me freezing outside, a hotel owner who helped me out with his batteries for my GPS and a lady in Pissos who stopped her car on the highway, running about 100 m back to my location because she thought, I suffered a breakdown and so many more. In most of the bars where I had breakfast, I either didn’t pay anything or less because they considered me a Pilgrim.

And I enjoyed the truck drivers who activated their horn to salute me, when they passed me walking along the road. I don’t know if or when I will return to France but I will always remember the kindness of their people.

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