Day 55, 06:32 – Sierra de Atapuerca

sierra-de-atapuercaJuly 24: Atapuerca – Burgos

I left early from Atapuerca, in order to reach Burgos before lunch time, to have sufficient time for a city visit and photos. But I have to say that except the World Heritage Cathedral which is awsome, the city disappointed me a little.

I remember a Brazilian friend of mine who saw that photo with the cross posted “Oh my god, one of the pilgrims didn´t make it”. I was still so tired that I didn´t get that joke for about 30 seconds or so but than I had to laugh and re-posted “You see, this is why I am walking so slowly, I have to carry crosses and stones in my backpack, for burying all the pilgrims I find on my way, that didn´t make it.”

I think what I really want to say, that it was good to have sometimes an internet connection and to share certain moments with someone, because there were moments when I felt pretty lonely on these long walks.

Posted in Spain.

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