Day 58, 13:09 – Calzadilla de la Cueza

calzadilla-de-la-cuezaJune 27: Carrión de los Condes – Sahagún

There is a little story behind this foto. I left Carrión with just a little breakfast, didn´t check the map (as usual) and ran into a 20 k, straight, dusty, gravel road with nothing else than endless cornfields left and right. So, when I finally arrived at a tiny village with just one restaurant, I was a little hungry.

Than there was this waiter at the door saying hi to me. I said hi, can I get something to eat and he said, I am sorry we closed 30 minutes ago. Me, still traumatized from France said you must be joking, at least sell me a sandwich and he said, I am really sorry but we are closed.

Than suddenly when he saw the despair on my face, started laughing and said I am just kidding, come in and have whatever you like. I remember falling into his arms between hitting and hugging him and said never do this again to me or anyone else, because you have no idea how it is when you are starving.

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