Day 59, 15:12 – Burgo Ranero

burgo-raneroJune 28: Sahagún – Mansilla de las Mulas

It took 38 minutes from this picture until the rain front hit me. Open fields, no shelter at all, it was really ugly. But the interesting thing is, when you passed through so many difficult situations as me during this journey, you basically don´t care anymore. I think I didn´t even look anymore for a shelter.

I had to remember an experienced mountain climber who many years ago told me, when you are really in combat mode, you are transcending, kind of mentally shielded, even if the sky falls above your head, you are almost unstoppable and I think he was wright. But now, weeks ago from this trip, relaxed, when I reflect some of the moments I had to overcome, I suddenly can´t hold my tears anymore, because it was so brutal.

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