Day 68, 20:30 – Finisterre

finisterreJuly 7: Santa Mariña – Finisterre

It was done. I remember the smell of pine trees and my cellular phone ringing when I stepped on the sand of Lagosteira beach. My friend Rüdiger wanted to be the first one to pass me his congratulations. There is a fisherman´s bar at about the middle of the beach, called Trebon. It is the only one there and would become my second home for the next weeks. The view from there at night is superb, on the right side the lights of Finisterre, in front the extensive bay of the same name and magic Monte Pindo in the background. It is a simple place, where people still talk to each other and where you can make friends. That day, I stayed there until it closed, somewhen after midnight. I still had to look for a hotel, it was raining but for a few moments I was the happiest man on this planet.

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