Day 47, 15:48 – Roncesvalles

roncesvallesJune 16: Saint Jean Pied de Port – Zubiri

Roncesvalles, where Roland, commander of Charlemagne´s rear guard was defeated by the Basques in 778 and by that became a hero, inspiring the famous Song of Roland (see legend).

I re-met Paula and her funny friend Marco from Italy (both had been for one night in the same albergue in Saint Jean Pied de Port). Marco told us that the Saint Jaques Association in Rome, where he got his pilgrim pass, forced him to indicate in written, why he decided to do the Camino. Apparently he did not agree to so much insistance from the association, so he just put “Sex” there, as his main purpose. I remember that we laughed so much about this comment, because sex is probably the last thing you will find on the way to Santiago.

Day 48, 17:59 – Pamplona

pamplonaJune 17: Zubiri – Pamplona

Until here made it Charlemagne. Probably the city I most liked. It´s historic, not too big, charming, has a University and people are sitting on the street at night, hearing live music. Unfortunately, I lost some time with my cel phone because I had to find a Vodafone store to purchase a local SIM card and after placing it, the anti virus program was blocking my phone. So I couldn´t even take pictures anymore.

Day 49, 14:54 – Puente la Reina

puente-la-reinaJune 18: Pamplona – Lorca

Zubi Erromanikoa!

At the town entrance of Puente la Reina I saw my first stork on a large chimney. I thought it would be my first and last one so I spend a lot of time and efforts to take pictures because it was not so easy to come close to that chimney. If I would have known that from there on there are still hundreds of storks to come (almost on every tower, chimney or parroquia there were nests), I would have been a little more relaxed.

Day 52, 18:06 – Nájera

najeraJune 21: Logroño – Azofra

Solstice 2014 – Can’t say that this was my day. Radiation sucks and mussels are getting sour. The only thing I liked was the gazpacho.

Day 53, 09:57 – Hervias

herviasJune 22: Azofra – Belorado

With all these beautiful landscapes and monuments one tends to forget, what large part of Europe actually is about. A handful of rich that are becoming wealthier every minute, on the shoulders of a young generation that is screwed forever (unless you believe that the number indicated on that signage will somewhen come down significantly).

When I shook the hand of this young man, wishing him all the best for his future, he suddenly started to cry and I was close to it. In my view, one of the most important aspects of Camino de Santiago and related pilgrim circus, aside from its undeniable cultural heritage, is the money inflow to these poor villages.

Day 54, 17:46 – Ages

agesJune 23: Belorado – Atapuerca


The next village where I stayed at night (Atapuerca) is archeologically interesting because there some of our “Neanderthal” predecessors were found.

Day 55, 06:32 – Sierra de Atapuerca

sierra-de-atapuercaJuly 24: Atapuerca – Burgos

I left early from Atapuerca, in order to reach Burgos before lunch time, to have sufficient time for a city visit and photos. But I have to say that except the World Heritage Cathedral which is awsome, the city disappointed me a little.

I remember a Brazilian friend of mine who saw that photo with the cross posted “Oh my god, one of the pilgrims didn´t make it”. I was still so tired that I didn´t get that joke for about 30 seconds or so but than I had to laugh and re-posted “You see, this is why I am walking so slowly, I have to carry crosses and stones in my backpack, for burying all the pilgrims I find on my way, that didn´t make it.”

I think what I really want to say, that it was good to have sometimes an internet connection and to share certain moments with someone, because there were moments when I felt pretty lonely on these long walks.