T – 5, 21:30 – Lechenich

friendsApril 26: Say goodbye to friends….

I was kind of restless, I used this week in Germany to do some kind of planning but lost a lot of time downloading maps to the GPS, tracklogging, buying some basic equipment etc. So, I didn´t even have time for my father and in the end I perceived that I still continue without having any idea of anything. So I decided that its time to leave now and to see whats coming. Live your day!

T – 0, 08:14 – Liblar

erftstadtMay 1:  When my father left me at the train station in Erftstadt, his last words were “If you don´t come back, I will be completely alone” (We lost my mother last year)

From Erftstadt I took the train to Cologne and from there to Aachen. Initially I wanted to wak from my hometown Cologne but than I changed my mind. First of all, Starsway starts in Aachen and second the 2 days to Aachen are landscape wise not so attractive.

Day 1, 10:50 – Aachen

aachen-testMay 1: Aachen – Meerse

Starsway km 0 / Point of no return.

Aachen, with Karlsdom, an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the background, Charlemagnes main residence for many years, the place where he died on January 28 (the same day I was born) and home to RWTH, one of Germany´s greatest universities.